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Sinclair Broadcast Group
Cockeysville, Maryland, United States (on-site)
26 days ago
Sinclair Broadcast Group
Cockeysville, Maryland, United States (on-site)
26 days ago


Sinclair, Inc is looking for a SVP, Global Public Policy/Communications to provide primary, centralized oversight of strategic messaging for all domestic and international, internal, and external communications activities. You will be the primary point of contact to manage internal and external company messaging resources and collaborate with existing and continuing investor relations, government relations, press relations, legal and station operations personnel to influence peer broadcasters, vendor ecosystem, standard setting organizations, government (political and regulatory bodies), international partners, trade associations/coalitions, financial markets, device manufacturers and public opinion toward successful implementation of Company's vision and goals. The position serves as a member of the Sinclair senior management team and helps to craft and implement strategies to convey coordinated, persuasive, holistic messaging.

Essential Duties:

Communications. Provides primary overall leadershipby developing and coordinating strategic planning and tactical implementation with external and internal Company personnel including:
  1. Message Planning - Comprehensive, integrated and detailed advanced planning and positioning on a rolling 12-month basis and message development/coordination for all upcoming conferences, conventions, meetings (domestic and international), special events, technology demonstrations, speaking engagements, interviews, story placement, articles, webinars, and podcasts. Planning includes post-event messaging to exploit and maximize the impact of the event.
  2. Internal Communications - Coordinates intra-company briefings, newsletters, upcoming event notifications and webinars; close collaboration with Investor Relations Department and Marketing Department on upcoming investor events and ongoing promotional activities including charitable events and social impact causes to ensure consistent messaging. Meets regularly with Company managers to determine proactive and reactive policy positions. Conducts regular tactical internal sessions with key Company and parent company personnel to pursue identified targets (government, industry, press, associations).
  3. External Communications - Serves as spokesperson or coordinates Company spokespeople who are able to respond to press inquiries and proactively coordinate with outside public relations firm(s) on press conferences, press releases, company events, public relations training for other designated spokespeople; organizes/assigns blogs, webinars, website additions, other social media contributions ( e.g ., LinkedIn); and orchestrates pre-planned press stories/comments and post event message maximization as appropriate. Maintains close coordination with Government Relations activities.
  • Creates, coordinates and implements comprehensive public awareness and messaging strategies and utilizes sophisticated advocacy capability on complex subjects in support of the Company's business priorities.
  • Builds relationships and alliances with influencers and organizations-both non-partisan and across the political spectrum-that can help advance the company's mission.
  • Ensures a proactive issue management mindset at the enterprise level and across the business.
  • Maintains strong awareness of relevant domestic and international public policy debates and media trends and aligns Company public policy accordingly.
  • Drafts compelling narratives to communicate about and advocate for Company priorities to key stakeholders.
  • Effectively coordinates activities with Investor Relations, Government Relations and Marketing teams and external public relations consultants.
  • Develops and manages program budgets necessary to support policy and advocacy objectives.
  • Identifies target institutions and personnel for education and influence with focus on key government officials/staff (FCC, Congress, Executive); Standard setting organization (ATSC); industry supporters and detractors (group broadcasters, wireless competitors); trade associations/coalitions ( e.g ., NAB, CEA, APTS, APTS, LPTV, NABA, NVISA, Pearl TV); equipment manufacturers; international partners; and general and trade press.
  • Crafts and/or coordinates proactive media messages and kits, op-eds, and leave-behinds and press releases for advocacy messaging.
  • Coordinates and schedules technical demonstrations, site-visits and events to promote new transmission standard and business models.
  • Represents Company and its interests in a variety of public, press and trade forums.

Government Relations. Works with existing Government Relations (GR) personnel todevelop and implement Company's comprehensive legislative and regulatory strategy to support the policy and advocacy goals. Assists existing staff to communicate the Company's interests to members of Congress and agency officials and informs management of key legislative policy developments and impacts. Collaborates on messaging to define and shape regulations and legislation of interest to the Company. Specific activities include:
  • Coordinates holistic, strategic messaging with line managers to be integrated into Government Relations activities.
  • Assists existing GR personnel to provide centralized oversight, coordination, and messaging to Senate, House, Executive and administrative agencies (primarily FCC); reviews messaging for consistency in all pleadings filed with governmental agencies.
  • Assists with monitoring legislation and regulatory activities that may affect the Company and plays an active role in determining nuanced submissions, testimony and meetings to affect planned outcome.
  • Works with GR personnel to actively educate and coordinate messaging to include written pleadings, presentations, and consistency with efforts of trade associations ( e.g ., NAB, CTA, LPTV, AWARN, Pearl TV, APTS, NVISA, ATSC, NABA).
  • Providesproactive explanations of policy or transactional goals and technological achievements ( e.g ., the nature of 3.0; NextGen market rollouts to Hill constituents; need to Sunset ATSC 1.0; Infrastructure Fund access; mobile phone deployment; corporate branding initiatives; new business announcements ( e.g . Network Core Build-out; programming initiatives); Direct-to-Consumer offerings; international activities).
  • Assists GR personnel to draft and coordinate grassroots messaging from all Company stations and other units where appropriate to reinforce mission goals.
  • Assists GR staff in arranging and coordinating educational visits and training of Company representatives as presenters.
  • Provides support for ongoing essential feedback to senior managers on GR-related activities.
  • Assists GR staff in administering PAC solicitations and contributions and hosting fundraising events for selected Members.
  • Works with GR personnel to ensure the Company's compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to federal lobbying preparation of the Company's quarterly reports under the Lobbying Disclosure Act.

Job Information

  • Job ID: 71352020
  • Workplace Type: On-Site
  • Location:
    Cockeysville, Maryland, United States
  • Company Name For Job: Sinclair Broadcast Group
  • Position Title: SVP, Global Public Policy/Communications
  • Job Function: Administrative / Clerical
  • Job Type: Full-Time

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